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Be informed in real-time

Waiting for quarter-end public shareholder reports can leave you feeling at a disadvantage; to maximize the effectiveness of your strategy, you need to see shareholder movements in real-time. Our team of experts deliver key insights and analytics you need to understand the markets and movements within your shareholder base throughout the quarter, for actionable intelligence to drive business decisions. 与第四季度监测, we empower you to get ahead of your competition by partnering you with the industry’s most experienced team of surveillance analysts, equipped with DTC settlement data to predict shareholder composition before public filings. Gain a truly real-time assessment of who is driving your stock price, 他们为什么要这么做, and know how to respond.


建立一个有效的, insights-driven investor relations program by revealing changes and patterns in your shareholder base that were previously inaccessible.


Gain visibility into your shareholder base

Gain a deeper understanding of public shareholder composition data, with experienced analysis into trends in investor behavior. Understand who is under positioned in your security, changing their strategy in your sector, or who needs extra attention to better understand your compelling value proposition.

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Predict investor behavior

As you prepare to tell your story, having visibility into how the market perceives your company, leadership and sector can enable you to determine investors future reactions. By understanding what news has driven past fluctuations in your stock price and correlating that to the rest of the market you can anticipate where the street will take your valuation, and prepare management before the first trade.

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Attract the right investor

You need to prioritize management's time with the right institutional investor. Your strategy deserves the expert support to identify the right contact so you can build the right engagement approach. Lean on surveillance analysts to proactively analyze how investors have responded to your previous communications, so you can adapt and emphasize what is most important to their assessment, 和投资, 在你的公司.

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Respond to activism faster

Shareholder activism continues to grow with an increasing number of activist campaigns in the last decade. The faster you can identify a pattern, the sooner you can work with your management to build a response. With surveillance analysts looking at intra-quarter DTC settlements, you can be prepared for the wrong investor position in real-time, rather than at the end of the quarter.

Q4 监测 benefits

Backed by a team of the industry's most experienced analysts, gain real-time insights
into what is driving your stock price.

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Monitor equity and options trading, as well as DTC settlement data, for real-time understanding of your shareholder composition.

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Identify activist behavior sooner with continuous monitoring, ownership analysis and analyst triggered activist alerts.

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Get answers to management questions on trading, stock price fluctuations, 相对性能, 和估值.



Partner with a dedicated analyst, securely extending your strategic impact with in-depth insights and analysis tailored to your investor relations approach.

Our Q4 analyst has a phenomenal understanding of the markets and trading, and what might be causing fluctuations. He’s able to lean forward and predict where my stock might track. This is invaluable insight beyond investor conversations, and helps us anticipate when we are about to hit a moving average that could cause our stock to go up or down.

Corporate Vice President Investor Relations


Ready to transform your investor relations program?